Managed Security Services Center (MSSC)

Your First Line of Defense Against Cyberattacks

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Our Managed Security Services Center (MSSC) detects, analyzes, and responds to cybersecurity alerts using a combination of technology solutions and processes.

Building an MSSC is an expensive proposition, not only in terms of physical space, infrastructure, software, and other requirements but also when it comes to recruiting skilled personnel.

The experienced security analysts and engineers from Netsync’s Managed Services Practice Team work closely with incident response teams to ensure the quick and efficient resolution of cybersecurity issues.

Netsync’s Managed Services Practice Team provides a Managed SSC, which gives you:

  • Cybersecurity experts
  • Proactive security monitoring
  • Reduced complexity of security issue investigation
  • Overall reduced costs

Solutions Involved

Multi-Service Platforms

Improve Operational Efficiency While Adding Increased Functionality and Flexibility

Next-generation platforms that improve the operational efficiency of a network while also adding increased functionality and flexibility.

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Never Assume Your Data is Safe

Today’s hyper-connected world offers numerous benefits, but also many potential dangers—including the threat of cyberattacks.

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Managed Security Services Center (MSSC)

Your First Line of Defense Against Cyberattacks

Netsync's security analysts and engineers work closely with incident response teams to ensure quick and efficient issue resolution.

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Network Security

A Complete Network Security Solution for Your Business

Netsync’s Security Practice can design and implement a complete network security solution for your business.

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Enterprise Networking

The Backbone of Your Digital Ecosystem

Netsync designs, deploys and monitors Enterprise Networking Solutions that enhance efficiency, bolster security and increase profitability.

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Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Hyper-Convergence for the Core, Cloud, and Edge

Extend the simplicity of hyper-convergence from the core to the edge, putting IT at the center of rapid innovation in a world where data is everywhere.

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